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HI CLASS LMS Learning Management System

Discover Learning Management System (LMS) a complete management solution for your educational center. Streamline student, staff, and billing tasks effortlessly. Enjoy integrated parent communication, attendance tracking, assessment records, and more. Elevate your center's efficiency with our user-friendly platform.

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HI CLASS LMS Learning Management System
For Principal

Modernize record-keeping systems, saving resources and time on administrative duties.

For Teacher

Ensure better student progress tracking, fostering accountability in learning.

For Parent

Stay engaged with your child’s education, receiving regular updates on their academic journey.

HI CLASS LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS)

Track learning and evaluation effectively Learning assessment with multimedia.

Do a secure check-in and out for students and staff digitally.

It’s secure and convenient. Collect payments electronically by credit card and bank transfer and say goodbye to cash payments.

Easily record updates and generate reports for parents and your own use.

Easily to record child's daily activities and assess their development.

An LMS (Learning Management System) is software used for managing, delivering, and tracking educational courses and training programs. It's essential for e-Learning. Hi Class LMS Learning Journey is Personalized Growth and Development Portfolio generates growth records for each child based on accumulated information on growth, basic information, photos, assessments, to provide a personalized portfolio for each child

Track learning and evaluation effectively

Track learning and evaluation effectively Learning assessment with multimedia: Track teaching through a variety of mediums (photos, videos, text) to share with parents.

Access to student evaluation

Access to student evaluation: Have access to a portfolio of students’ learning that is continuously updated all year round.

Personalised learning standards

Personalised learning standards: Tailor the school’s learning checklist to meet the needs of your development framework and standardize the quality of education.

Biometric Face Recognition Attendance

Elevate your attendance tracking with our mobile app-integrated LMS! Ditch the paperwork and effortlessly manage student and staff check-ins and check-outs from your smartphone. Our system boasts cutting-edge biometric face recognition for precise attendance records, making it ideal for learning centers, tuition programs, teachers, and staff. Simplify your attendance management, bolster security, and embrace the future of digital attendance with our intuitive LMS. Try it today for a seamless experience!

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in and Check-out with single tap

Contactless check-in

Contactless check-in with Temperature record

Instant digital reports

Instant digital reports

School Fee Management Mobile App

Simplify Payments for Parents and Institutions. Experience secure and convenient fee management with our LMS. Whether you run a tuition center, learning center, or school, our platform allows you to collect payments electronically, eliminating the hassle of cash transactions. Parents can effortlessly track and manage their bills through our mobile app, easily accessing invoices and receipts while staying informed about overdue or paid bills. Enhance convenience for both parents and institution managers with our streamlined fee management solution.

Autopay Convenience

Autopay Convenience: Ensure timely payments with our autopay management feature, allowing parents to set up automatic payments, so they never miss a due date.

Invoice History

Invoice History: Easily access and review previously paid invoices directly through our user-friendly mobile apps, providing transparency and peace of mind.

Effortless Payment Tracking

Effortless Payment Tracking: Simplify your financial management with a system that empowers parents to stay organized and in control of their payments, all within our platform.

Parent Communication

Hi Class LMS makes it easy to communicate with parents via the app, text or email.

share videos, updates, photos

You can share videos, updates, photos, and more.

Delight parents

Delight parents and bridge the gap between learning that happens in your program and learning at home.